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Friendly Talk” is a subscribed, live phone conversation service for individuals who live alone or would benefit from hearing a friendly voice on a regular basis.


So many people are home alone with no one to talk to during the day. Perhaps they have no family, friends are out of touch, they’re in new surroundings, and are just plain lonely.


We call people on the phone as often as they subscribe for - just to strike up a conversation and keep their minds active. Our conversations can last up to 15 minutes, during which time staff will chat about current events, the weather, ask about family events – anything to stimulate conversation and let our new friends know we are here to listen and care about them. We encourage busy family members to enlist us to help enrich the lives of their loved ones through “Friendly Talk”!


This is an affordable fee-based assistance that can provide a valuable service to anyone!


We are building friendships and helping people to brighten their days!


For more information and to join, please call Bob Brunow at 414-462-9900 or text him at 414-403-7360.

Phone conversations in English only.

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CALL: 414-462-9900

TEXT: 414-403-7360

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Since 1992, The Brunow Company has provided life-enhancing services to the general population, using principles gained through sales and health care administration, and providing essential services to the elderly homebound. Today, it is offering live phone conversations to help brighten the days of people who would benefit from Friendly Talk.



Longtime Friend:

 Steve P.

“A mutual friend introduced me to Bob in the early ‘70s. It became quite clear that Bob possesses what many do not have: he is a man of conviction, has a strong sense of values, and a clear sense of morality. These admirable qualities manifested in his daily actions as a result of his religious faith, which directs his life. Whether it be in the workplace or with his family, he tries to be the best he can be within the boundaries of his faith. He focuses his energy on serving his fellow man, knowing that the needs of humanity are many. His commitment towards helping others is a part of his very being and a source of inspiration and joy as well.”

Daughter of Former Client:

Patty F.

I will always cherish the joy my mother felt when Bob would announce, “This meal was made with love in the heart from the kitchens of Goodwill “. She lived to 99 3/4 years and asked everyday what time it was so she was ready for “her” Bob.
Bob has his inner drive, his voice and a phone. That coupled with his love for the elderly and infirm will just have to go on. He doesn’t need a car to send that vibe to others.

Family Friend:

Heather B.:


I know how much Mr. B loved delivering meals and how much those recipients must have loved his awesome sense of humor and his help. But knowing Mr. B the way that I do, there is no doubt in my mind that he will figure out a way to brighten people’s lives virtually. If anyone can do it, he can!